Bosch Plena public address system - for conference events

The Philips / Bosch Plena range of amplifiers can be used to broadcast the conference debate to loudspeakers in halls and public areas.

The amplifiers and loudspeakers are manufactured by Bosch ensuring that compatibility is guaranteed with DCN and CCS800.

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The Plena mixer amplifier is a high performance versatile four microphone inputs mono mixer amplifier, capable of fulfilling a wide variety of public address requirements for surprisingly low cost.

A wide choice of connectors XLR, 5-pin DIN and stereo Cinch are available for connecting inputs and microphones. The Plena desktop microphone LBB 1950/00 can be used when Plena is not connected to DCN or CCS800.

An interconnection input and output facilitates the connection of external sound processing equipment, such as an equaliser or acoustic feedback suppresser and a tape output is provided.

The Plena mixer amplifiers come in a range of output power: 30Watt (LBB 1903/00), 60Watt (LBB 1906/00) or 120Watt (LBB 1912/00). The amplifiers can be rack mounted using the 19" rack mounting brackets LBC 1901/00.
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Compact yet powerful mono booster amplifiers can be added to the Plena mixing amplifiers to drive as many loudspeakers as your application requires.

The Plena booster amplifiers are available with 120Watt (LBB 1930/00) or 240Watt (LBB 1935/00) output power.

A balanced loopthrough connector simplifies connecting multiple booster amplifiers together for increased output power. A 100Volt line input is available to connect the booster amplifier to an existing 100Volt loudspeaker line - Useful for systems in remote locations. Download datasheet

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