Bosch CCS 800 Ultro Discussion system

The Bosch CCS 800 Discussion system is a versatile, economical discussion system intended for small-scale meetings and gatherings. It provides all of the facilities required to control meetings and discussions, and allows delegates to communicate with each other by means of microphones and built in loudspeakers or personal headphones.

It is intended for venues such as local government councils, hotel function rooms, magistrates, company board rooms and conference centre breakout rooms.


The Philips / Bosch CCS 800 system comprises: a central control unit, chairman unit, delegate units, and interface to PA or Infrared Red wireless distribution system. A single control unit (SPSU) can connect up to 50 contribution units but can be expanded to 100 contribution units.

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The Bosch CPSU forms the heart of the system, and controls the microphones of the chairman and delegate units, as well as providing connections for audio inputs and outputs to PA and Infrared wireless language systems. It provides the power for all of the delegate and chairman units. A single CPSU has a maximum capacity of 50 contribution units, but the system can be expanded to 100 contribution units by the connection of a second CPSU and an interconnection cable. A third CPSU can be connected for a maximum 150 delegates. The CPSU can be mounted in a 19" rack with the optional mounting brackets.
The Bosch CCS800 discussion system is quick and easy to install, and requires no special training. Each contribution unit is fitted with a 2m cable terminated with a plug, and a socket. The units are simply plugged into each other in a daisy chain configuration, with the first unit connected to one of the two CPSU trunk outputs. Twenty-five units can be connected to each of the two trunks making a maximum configuration of 50 units per CPSU.

LBB 3310/00 - CPSU
An external condenser microphone can be connected to the Bosch CPSU. A collapsible floor stand and adjustable boom can be used together with a 10m 3-pole XLR extension cable for quest speakers or audience participation.
There are two kinds of contribution units for the CCS800 discussion system, chairman units and delegate units. Both are available with either a standard microphone stem (313mm) or an extended microphone stem (488mm).
Delegate units enable delegates to speak and listen to the proceedings via a loudspeaker or headphones. The stylish and ergonomically designed unit includes a microphone with a red indicator ring which illuminates when the microphone is on. To prevent feedback, the built in loudspeaker is muted when the microphone is on. Two 3.5mm stereo headphone sockets (wired for mono) allow two pairs of headphones so two delegates can simultaneously use the unit. The headphone volume level can be adjusted on the unit for maximum comfort. It is also possible to connect a tape recorder to one headphone socket, and use the other headphone socket to listen to the proceedings. The chairman unit is similar to the delegate, but also includes a 'chairman priority' button.

LBB 3330/50
Chairman unit with long stem
The transport and storage cases are used in applications where the Philips / Bosch CCS800 contributions units will not be used in one fixed location, and therefore has to be easily transportable. This is often the case for town halls, hotels, local government offices, business centres, or smaller halls in major conference venues.

Two transport and storage cases are available:

LBB 3312/00 - This storage case is designed to accommodate 10 contribution units.

LBB 3312/10 - This storage case is designed to accommodate 6 contribution units and the CPSU (Central Power and Control Unit).


Extension cables of 5m (LBB 3316/05) and 10m (LBB 3316/10) are available to give additional flexibility in larger application sites. The cables are terminated at both ends with moulded 7-pole DIN connectors (male and female).

A 100m installation cable (LBB 3316/00) is also available with 5 connector sets so that cables can be made to specific lengths on-site by an engineer.

A set of locking clamps (LBB 3517/00) contains 25 clamps for extension cables. One clamp per male/female connector is required.

LBB 3441/00
under the chin headphone.
LBB 3441/50
replacement earpads (pack of 1000 pcs)
LBB 3443/00
lightweight stereo headphone.
LBB 3443/50 replacement earpads (pack of 100 pairs.)
LBB 3442/00
Single earphones
The Philips / Bosch CCS800 discussion unit can be connected to external systems such as the Plena range of Public Address amplifiers, or the Infrared wireless distribution language system. This will provide sound reinforcement to public gallery areas (local authority and council chambers) or for support teams (tribunals and courts).
Contribution Equipment
LBB 3330/00 Delegate unit with standard microphone stem (313mm)
LBB 3330/50 Delegate unit with long microphone stem (488mm)
LBB 3331/00 Chairman unit with standard microphone stem (313mm)
LBB 3331/50 Chairman unit with long microphone stem (488mm)
Central Control Equipment
LBB 3310/00 Central Power Supply Unit (CPSU)
LBB Interconnection cable kit (required to connect a 2nd CPSU)
LBB 3312/10 Transport and storage case for CPSU and 6 contribution units
LBB 3312/00 Transport and storage case for 10 contribution units
LBB 3316/00 100m installation cable kit with 5 connector sets (5 male & 5 female)
LBB 3316/05 5m extension cable terminated with moulded 7-pole DIN connectors
LBB 3316/10 10m extension cable terminated with moulded 7-pole DIN connectors
LBB 3311/00 CPSU 19" rack mount kit
LBB 3517/00 Cable locking clamps for extension cables (pack of 25)
LBB 3441/00 Under the chin lightweight headphone (stethoscope type)
LBB 3441/50 Replacement earpads for LBB 3441/00 (pack of 1000)
LBB 3442/00 Single earphone
LBB 3015/04 High quality dynamic headphones (over head & 2 ear)
LBB 3440/00 Lightweight headphones (over head & 2 ear)
LBB 3440/50 Replacement ear pads for LBB 3440/00 (pack of 50 pairs)
LBB 9512/20

Hand held condenser microphone with frequency-independent cardiod directivity and switchable filters for modifying the frequency response

LBB 9510/20 Hand held condenser microphone with frequency-independent cardiod directivity without switchable filters
LBC 1221/01 Microphone floor stand
LBC 1226/01 Adjustable boom for floor stand LBC 1221/01
LBC 1215/01 Quick release microphone clamp
LBC 1208/30 10m 3-pole XLR extension cable for microphone
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