Bosch DCN Discussion units for non-voting meetings

Discussion desk top units have their own distinctive styling and are slightly smaller than conference units. They do not have graphic displays, voting, access registration or intercom facilities, but otherwise offer the same high level of functionality and digital convenience as Concentus units.

All units can be easily plugged into or removed from the system cabling, which leads to a quick and efficient setting up of a meeting or conference.

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Four versions of the desk top discussion units are available and are supplied with a standard microphone stem or an extended microphone stem.

- Standard delegate discussion units >>
Delegate discussion unit with channel selector >>
- Chairman unit >>
Chairman unit with channel selector >>
- Discussion units transportation case >>
>> Delegate discussion unit

The LBB 3535/00 Dual Audio Interface Unit enables various types of microphones, as well as line sources to be connected to the DCN system. It can also be used to create a chairman position or for an ambient microphone input.

The unit has 2 inputs and each input can have its own seat number to serve up to 2 delegate positions. 2 x 3.5mm stereo jack sockets are provided for connection to headphones or to a loudspeaker panel LBB 3538/00

>> Delegate unit with channel selector
The LBB 3540/15 enables the connection of microphones, headphones and loudspeaker as per the Dual Audio Interface Unit LBB 3535/00, but also a number of functions to be added, making it ideal for both delegates and chairman alike. Connected functions include: Voting Control Panels LBB 3541/00 or LBB 3542/00, and an LBB 3543/15 Chip-Card Reader.
>> Chairman unit

The stylish, compact chairman unit LBB 3533/00 is equipped with facilities that enable the user to function as the chairman of a discussion. Stylistically identical to the LBB 3530/00 standard delegate discussion unit but also has a microphone priority button which, when pressed, causes all active delegate microphones to be permanently or temporarily switched off, (depending on the settings on the CCU) allowing the chairman to take control of the meeting.

The LBB 3533/50 is identical to LBB 3533/00, but has an extra long microphone stem of 488mm.


>> Chairman unit with channel selector  

The LBB 3534/00 is identical to the LBB 3533/00 standard chairman discussion unit, but also includes a built-in channel selector. This makes it suitable for discussions where more than one language is used.

The LBB 3534/50 is identical to LBB 3534/00, but has an extra long microphone stem of 488mm.

>> Suitcase for DCN discussion units

The LBB 3312/00 transport and storage case is for use where DCN discussion units will not be used in one fixed location, and therefore has to be easily transportable.

This is often the case in town halls, hotels, business centres, local government offices, or smaller halls in major conference venues.

The suitcase is designed to accommodate 10 discussion units (delegate or chairman) with standard length microphone stems LBB 353x/00.

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