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Bosch loudspeakers for Plena

Philips /Bosch loudspeakers offer a combination of quality, performance and innovation in public address. They are the result of over half a century's experience in professional audio, and meet virtually all sound reinforcement requirements in conference centres.

For more information about Bosch loudspeakers for Plena public address systems please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Or if you know which part you are looking for, please complete our quotation request form and our Bosch team will respond to your enquiry immediately.

They are ideal for use in areas with difficult acoustic properties which present problems when loudspeakers are used. When compared with conventional column loudspeakers, cardioid enclosure provide improved sound reproduction and greater speech intelligibility due to their well-defined sound pressure beam at both high and low frequencies. Better beam definition results from inclusion of acoustic filters in the form of slits in the outer part of the enclosure.


The cardioid range includes a 12Watt (LBC 3052/03), 24Watt (LBC 3051/03 and 50Watt (LBC 3053/04) column loudspeakers that can be used for both speech and music. They are uniformly styled and can be easily mounted using two fixing screws and a universal mounting bracket. For temporary installations, the columns may be mounted on a floorstand (LBC 1250/00) in combination with the floorstand adapter (LBC 1251/00). These accessories are available separately. Download datasheets

The MCS 3500 Modular Ceiling Loudspeaker System removes the need to compromise between acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal.

Three high quality loudspeaker units can be fitted with metal or plastic circular grilles finished in neutral RAL white colour. There is a standard 6Watt model (LBC 3510/00), a high performance 12Watt model (LBC 3520/00) and a powerful 24Watt model (LBC 3530/00).


The MCS 3500 loudspeaker units are equipped with dynamic tri-cone loudspeakers with exceptional audio performance in prestigious 'Prosound' applications.They are suitable for excellent speech and music in indoor applications. The range also includes a metal fire dome, and surface and flush mounting boxes.

The optional LBC 3603/01 wave guide grille is a breakthrough in ceiling loudspeaker technology. It ensures a wide and equal spread of the important frequency octaves for speech intelligibility and music clarity. Fewer loudspeakers are needed to cover a given area, and the noticeable 'fading' that can occur as a listener walks from one loudspeaker to another is eliminated. Download datasheets


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