This site is designed to provide potential customers with detailed information about the complete range of Bosch (formerly Philips CSI) DCN Congress legacy conference and discussion equipment.

Please note that DCN Congress is a legacy product and is no longer manufactured. NTE have some spare parts in stock and our engineers can also advise on upgrade paths for your legacy DCN system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For information about the latest range of Bosch DCN conference systems see our DCN Next Generation website and our Bosch DCN wireless website.

Whatever your requirement we can help you. We are UK based, but work with companies all over the world. For more information about our export and project managemant activities, please see about us or email us directly.

Bosch DCN Congress legacy products...
The Bosch DCN Congress is a legacy digital congress system. For the latest DCN range see New Generation and Wireless DCN shown above. Parts are still available for legacy DCN equipment. For more information view our DCN Congress legacy pages >>   INTEGRUS, a digital Infra-red transmission system can be connected to the DCN or CCS800 to enable wireless distribution of languages. This gives excellent stereo sound quality and is immune to interference from hall lighting. High security can be maintained as the signals cannot pass through walls. >>
The Bosch CCS 800 Discussion System is a versatile, economical discussion system intended for small-scale meetings and gatherings. It provides all of the facilities required to control meetings and discussions. >>   Bosch provide a range of amplifiers and public address equipment to reinforce sound to public areas of conference centres and venues. >>
The latest Bosch DCN Next Generation conference systems
Bosch New generation DCN conference system   Bosch DCN wireless conference system
Bosch New generation DCN conference system   Bosch DCN wireless conference system
The Bosch Next Generation Conference system replaces the Bosch DCN Congress wired system featured in this website. For more information view our dedicated Bosch DCN Next Generation website >>   The all new Bosch DCN Wireless Conference offers a completely wireless solution for quick and simple set up. For more information view our dedicated Bosch DCN Wireless website >>

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