Bosch DCN - digital congress network

Please note that DCN Congress is a legacy product and is no longer manufactured. The Bosch DCN Congress range was ceased on the 1st June 2006.

For information about the latest range of Bosch DCN conference systems see our DCN Next Generation website and our Bosch DCN wireless website.

If you have an existing DCN Congress system and are looking for parts, servicing or reconditioned spares please do not hesitate to contact us with details of your enquiry.

Alternatively, please browse our website for information about the Bosch DCN Congress and you can also view a list of DCN Congress parts

Reconditioned parts available
NTE may be able to supply refurbished parts for DCN. Please contact sales for more information -
click here>>

NTE purchase used DCN Congress equipment
NTE also purchase used DCN Congress equipment and we can also offer a part exchange on your existing DCN equipment against a replacement DCN Next Generation system - click here>>

The DCN central control unit (CCU) conference control equipment is based around the CCU (central control unit) click for more info >>   The new stylish DCN Concentus is the latest addition. Sophistication in looks and performance - click for more info >>
Flush mounted equipment is ideal for permanent installations where portability is not required - click for more info >>   DCN can accommodate up to 15 different language channels plus the original floor language - click for more info >>

Bosch Integrus is a digital infrared system, which enables wireless transmission of languages in all types of venues without interference from lighting - click for more info >>

Bosch also manufacture analogue infrared language system components for older legacy installations - click for more info >>

  The DCN can operate with a range of Allegiant camera control switches, ensuring that speaking delegates are always displayed - click for more info >>
A range of application software integrate conference preparation, management and control - click for more info >>
A flexible and versatile display system is an important aid in distributing information in conference venues - click for info >>   For details of the headphones and accessories available for the DCN Congress - click for more info >>
To see a detailed DCN parts list - click here>>   To request a quotation - click here>>
DCN - data brochure, 102 pgs >>   To contact us - click here>>
DCN - architects brochure, 62 pgs >>

Support - NTEcan design, distribute, support local designers and installers or arrange the installation and commission of DCN around the World. >>

Delivery - NTE can deliver to any destination in the UK or any airport outside of the UK. For larger consignments sea freight can be arranged.

Payment terms - NTEaccept payment by most major credit cards, electronic transfer or 'letter of credit.' For a copy of our letter of credit, general conditions - click for more info >>

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