DCN Digital congress network - parts list

Items highlighted in red are 'end of line' July 2006. They may still be available after July 2006 for a short period of time or as refurbished replacement parts. All other parts in green are still available 'new' for maintenance and small system extensions.

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DCN Concentus
LBB 3544/00 DCN Concentus standard delegate unit
LBB 3545/00 DCN Concentus delegate unit with channel selector
LBB 3546/00 DCC Concentus delegate unit with all functions
LBB 3547/00 DCN Concentus chairman unit
Note: Standard or extended length microphones needed to be ordered separately - see LBB 3549/xx
DCN Discussion
LBB 3530/00 Delegate discussion unit with standard microphone
LBB 3530/50 Delegate discussion unit with long microphone
LBB 3531/00 Delegate discussion unit + channel selector with standard microphone
LBB 3531/50 Delegate discussion unit + channel selector with long microphone
LBB 3533/00 Chairman discussion unit with standard microphone
LBB 3533/50 Chairman discussion unit with long microphone
LBB 3534/00 Chairman discussion unit + channel selector with standard microphone
LBB 3534/50 Chairman discussion unit + channel selector with long microphone
LBB 3312/00 Suitcase for 10 DCN discussion units with standard length microphones
DCN Flush Mount
LBB 3527/00 Tabletop housing for loudspeaker LBB 3538/00
LBB 3535/00 Dual audio interface unit
LBB 3536/00 Handheld microphone
LBB 3536/10 Handheld microphone with coiled cable
LBB 3537/00 Flush-mount microphone with control panel with standard stem (310mm)
LBB 3537/10 Flush-mount chairman priority control panel
LBB 3537/20 Flush-mount pluggable microphone control panel
LBB 3537/50 Flush-mount microphone with control panel with extended stem (480mm)
LBB 3538/00 Flush-mount loudspeaker panel
LBB 3539/00 Flush-mount blanking panel
LBB 3540/15

Multi-purpose connection unit for chip ID-card & voting control panels

LBB 3541/00 Flush-mount delegate voting control panel
LBB 3542/00 Flush-mount chairman/delegate voting control panel + LCD screen
LBB 3542/20 Flush-mount chairman/delegate voting control panel + Cyrillic LCD screen
LBB 3543/15 Flush-mount chip ID card reader panel
LBB 3549/00 Pluggable microphone with standard stem (310mm)
LBB 3549/50 Pluggable microphone with extended stem (480mm)
DCN Interpretation
LBB 3520/10 Interpreter desk with backlit LCD screen
LBB 9095/30 Interpreter headphones
LBB 3555/00 Intercom handset and cradle
LBB 3556/00 Mounting plate for intercom handset
DCN wired language distribution
LBB 3524/00 Electronic channel selector panel with LCD
LBB 3424/10 Electronic channel selector panel with LCD and backlighting
LBB 3525/00 Tabletop housing for channel selector
LBB 3518/00 Termination plug for DCN cable
DCN Central Control Equipment
LBB 3500/05 Basic central control unit
LBB 3500/15 Extended central control unit
LBB 3500/35 Multi central control unit
LBB 3504/00 Suitcase for CCU 3500/xx
LBB 3506/00 Extension power supply unit
LBB 3508/00 Audio media interface and power supply
LBB 3510/00 Network card for PC (ISA-bus) Note - This is now end-of-line and obsolete
LBB 3511/00 PC card for multi-CCU system
LBB 3512/00 Data distribution board
LBB 3313/00 Analogue audio input/output module
LBB 3919/20 Trunk communication board (TCB-4)
LBB 3557/00 Chip ID card encoder/reader
LBB 3559/05 DCN chip cards (pack of 100)
DCN Installation Equipment
LBB 3514/00 Trunk-cable splitter
LBB 3515/00 Tap-off unit
LBB 3516/00 100m installation cable (no connectors)
LBB 3516/02 Extension cable assembly (2m)
LBB 3516/05 Extension cable assembly (5m)
LBB 3516/10 Extension cable assembly (10m)
LBB 3516/15 Extension cable assembly (15m)
LBB 3516/20

Extension cable assembly (20m)

LBB 3516/25 Extension cable assembly (25m)
LBC 3517/00 Set of 25 cable locking clamps
DCN System Control Software
LBB 3562/00 Allegiant camera control software for stand-alone DCN
LBB 3570/00 Microphone management software
LBB 3571/00 Synoptic microphone control software
LBB 3572/00 Simultaneous interpretation software
LBB 3573/00 Intercom software
LBB 3575/00 Parliamentary voting software
LBB 3576/00 Multi-voting software
LBB 3578/00 Attendance registration + access control
LBB 3580/00 Delegate database software
LBB 3582/00 ID-card encoder software
LBB 3582/00 Message distribution software
LBB 3583/00 Text/status display software
LBB 3584/00 Video display software
LBB 3585/00 System installation software
LBB 3586/00 Multi-CCU control software
LBB 3586/09 Multi-CCU control software upgrade
LBB 3587/00 Open interface software
LBB 3588/00 Allegiant camera control software for PC controlled DCN
LBB 3590/00 Startup software
LBB 3590/09 Startup software upgrade

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All Integrus parts below are still available and compatible with DCN, DCN Next Generation and DCN Wireless.

Part number Integrus Description
  Integrus InfraRed Transmitters
LBB 4502/04 InfraRed transmitter 4-channel
LBB 4502/08 InfraRed transmitter 8-channel
LBB 4502/16 InfraRed transmitter 16-channel
LBB 4502/32 InfraRed transmitter 32-channel
LBB 3422/10 Symmetrical audio input module
LBB 3423/00 DCN interface module
Integrus InfraRed Radiators
LBB 4511/00 Medium power infrared radiator
LBB 4512/00 High power infrared radiator
LBB 3414/00 Mounting bracket for LBB 4511/00 and LBB 4512/00
Integrus InfraRed Receivers
LBB 4540/04 4-channel infra-red pocket receiver
LBB 4540/32 32-channel infra-red pocket receiver
  Integrus Delegate Headphones
LBB 3443/00 Lightweight stereo headphones
LBB 3443/50 Replacement ear pads for LBB 3443/00 (100 x 2)

Integrus Chargers for IR Receivers

LBB 4560/00 Charging rack suitcase for 56 receivers
LBB 4569/50 Charging rack cabinet for 56 receivers
LBB 4550/00 NiMH battery pack
  Stand-alone Interpretation
LBB 3222/04 6-channel interpreter desk with loudspeaker
LBB 3306/05 5m extension cable (grey) for 6 channel interpreter desk
LBB 3306/20 20m extension cable (grey) for 6 channel interpreter desk
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