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Bosch DCN - headphones and accessories

DCN offers a range of headphones that can be connected to Concentus and discussion tabletop units, flush-mounted units or infrared wireless receivers. >>

The range of DCN installation accessories allows system installation to be greatly simplified by the use of ready-made cables. >>

Cable accessories
Trunk-cable splitters allow trunk lines to be split and run in diverse directions, which means contribution units can be located precisely where they are required in a conference venue. DCN installation accessories are used for both fixed and portable installations. >>
For more information about Bosch DCN headphones and accessories please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Or if you know which part you are looking for, please complete our quotation request form and our Bosch team will respond to your enquiry immediately.
LBB 3441/00
Under the chin headphone. Replacement earpads, LBB 3441/50 are available in packs of 1000 pcs.
LBB 3440/00
Lightweight headphone. Replacement earpads, LBB 3440/50 are available in packs of 50 pairs.
LBB 3442/00
Single earphone.

The DCN range of pre-terminated cables enable a fast and simplified method for installations.

Cables are available terminated at both ends with a moulded 6-pole circular connector (male and female).

The extension to the LBB part number gives the length of the cable.

A 100m installation cable LBB 3516/00 is available and identical to the Extension Cables, but is supplied without any connectors.

A set of 25 clamps LBB 3517/00 can be used on the 100m cable LBB 3516/00 as on the pre-terminated Extension Cables. One clamp per male/female connector required.

LBB 3516/02
2m - length
LBB 3516/05
5m - length
LBB 3516/10
10m - length
LBB 3516/15
15m - length
LBB 3516/20
20m - length
LBB 3516/25
25m - length
>> Trunk cable splitter  
The LBB 3514/00 is used in conjunction with the system installation cabling to divide the trunk-line cabling, thus allowing system installers to achieve the optimum layout of the trunk-line, and therefore contribution equipment, to suit the conference venue. The trunk-cable splitter comes complete with cable restraining clamps and includes mounting holes for fixing to a floor or wall. The Trunk-cable Splitter is a regenerative unit.
>> Tap-off unit  
The LBB 3515/00 is used to create short-circuit proof tap-off points on the trunk-line cabling. Each tap-off point allows for connection of up to 4 channel selector panels or up to 2 tabletop contribution units such as delegate, chairman or interpreter desks. A Tap-Off Unit consists of 2 two tap off points. The unit comes complete with cable restraining clamps and includes mounting holes for fixing purposes. The Trunk-cable Splitter is not a regenerative unit.

Support - NTE can design, distribute, support local designers and installers or arrange the installation and commission of DCN around the World. >>

Delivery - Nte can deliver to any destination in the UK or any airport outside of the UK. For larger consignments sea freight can be arranged.

Payment terms - Nte accept payment by most major credit cards, electronic transfer or 'letter of credit.' For a copy of our letter of credit, general conditions - click for more info >>


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