Bosch DCN flush mounted contribution units

The Bosch range of DCN flush-mounted equipment is used for creating individual system contribution units for customised solutions.

Flush-mounted equipment is ideal for use in permanent installations where portability is not required. It can be installed into either tabletops or seat arm rests.

For more information about Bosch DCN flush mounted contribution units please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Or if you know which part you are looking for, please complete our quotation request form and our Bosch team will respond to your enquiry immediately.
All functions and facilities of tabletop units are available in flush-mounted versions. As an example , a delegate unit can be created by combining an LBB 3540/15 Multipurpose Connection Unit or an LBB 3535/00 Dual Audio Interface Unit, the main components in tailor-made flush-mounted solutions, with a combination of the following elements:
LBB 3537/00 Control panel with standard stem microphone (310mm) >>
LBB 3537/20 Pluggable microphone control panel >>
LBB 3537/50 Control panel with extended stem microphone (480mm) >>
LBB 3549/00 Pluggable microphone with standard stem (310mm) >>
LBB 3549/50 Pluggable microphone with extended stem (480mm) >>
LBB 3537/10 Chairman priority control panel >>
LBB 3536/00 Hand held microphone >>
LBB 3536/10 Hand held microphone with coiled cable >>
LBB 3538/00 Loudspeaker panel >>
LBB 3541/00 Delegate voting control panel with no LCD >>
LBB 3542/00 Delegate/chairman voting control panel with LCD screen >>
LBB 3542/20 Delegate/chairman voting control panel with Cyrillic LCD screen >>
LBB 3543/15 Chip-card reader panel >>
LBB 3524/00 Electronic channel selector panel >>
LBB 3524/10 Electronic channel selector panel with backlighting >>
LBB 3526/10 Electronic channel selector panel with backlighting but with 6.35mm stereo jack >>
LBB 3555/00 Intercom handset >>
Dual audio interface unit  

The LBB 3535/00 Dual Audio Interface Unit enables various types of microphones, as well as line sources to be connected to the DCN system. It can also be used to create a chairman position or for an ambient microphone input. The unit has 2 inputs and each input can have its own seat number to serve up to 2 delegate positions. 2 x 3.5mm stereo jack sockets are provided for connection to headphones or to a loudspeaker panel LBB 3538/00

Multipurpose connection unit  
The LBB 3540/15 enables the connection of microphones, headphones and loudspeaker as per the Dual Audio Interface Unit LBB 3535/00, but also a number of functions to be added, making it ideal for both delegates and chairman alike. Connected functions include: Voting Control Panels LBB 3541/00 or LBB 3542/00, and an LBB 3543/15 Chip-Card Reader.
Control panel with microphone  

The LBB 3537/xx is a unidirectional, condenser microphone, mounted on a flush-mounted control panel by means of a flexible stem. The microphone has a built-in plop- and windshield, complete with a light ring which illuminates when the microphone is on. The panel has a microphone 'request to speak' button and a microphone 'on' (red LED) and a 'request to speak' confirmation indicator (green LED).

LBB 3537/00 has a 310mm stem and 3537/50 has a 480mm stem

Pluggable microphone control panel  
The LBB 3537/20 is used with the LBB 3549/00 and the LBB 3549/50 Pluggable Microphones. The panel is flush-mounted and has an 'on-off' switch and LED status indicators. The microphones can be removed from the panel, reducing the risk of damage when not in use.
Pluggable microphones  
The LBB 3549/00 is a unidirectional , condenser microphone with an adjustable 310mm stem, that plugs into the Microphone Control Panel LBB 3537/20. LBB 3549/50 is identical, but has a longer 480mm microphone stem.
Chairman priority control panel  
The LBB 3537/10 is a chairman priority panel and incorporates a priority button and LED indicator. When the button is pressed, all currently active microphones are temporarily switched 'off' (depending on CCU setting) thus giving the chairman priority status over other delegates.
Hand held microphones  
LBB 3536/xx is a unidirectional, condenser microphone with built-in plop- and windshield. It fits comfortably into the hand and is ideal for applications where the speaker is not stationary. A microphone 'on' (red LED) and a 'request to speak' (green LED) are built into the housing. LBB 3536/00 has a 5m straight cable and the cable of 3536/10 is coiled (1.4m when uncoiled).
Loudspeaker panel  
The LBB 3538/00 loudspeaker panel is ideal for flush mounting on table tops or the rear of seats. It consists of a loudspeaker behind a rectangular grille and is terminated with a 3.5mm stereo jack plug. It can be connected to the Dual Audio Interface Unit or the Multipurpose Connection Unit.
Delegate voting control panels  
The LBB 3541/00 is a flush mounted panel with voting facilities. The panel is intended for mounting into conference furniture and has 5 voting buttons with yellow LED confirmation indicators: Present, No, Abstain, Yes and spare. The buttons are also printed numerically 1 to 5 and the panel has no LCD.

The LBB 3542/00 is a 5 button voting control panel and includes a 2 line 40-character display panel. The LCD screen enables delegates to view valuable conference-related information, general user instructions and text messages. LBB 3542/20 is identical to the LBB 3542/00 unit, but it can display characters from the Cyrillic alphabet on the LCD screen.

Chip-card reader  
The LBB 3543/15 is a flush-mounted Chip-Card Reader Panel which enables electronic identification of delegates to the DCN system as well as providing a convenient facility that ensures that only authorised delegates can participate in voting sessions or general conference facilities such as microphone use. The unit can be connected to the Multipurpose Connection Unit LBB 3540/15.
Electronic channel selectors  
The LBB 3524/00 Electronic Channel Selector Panel, with 'up/down' select keys, provides the delegate with an easy and reliable means of selecting language channels. Until the channel selector or volume control is used no output is available, eliminating noise from headphones not yet in use. The unit automatically adapts to the number of available channels.
The LBB 3524/10 Electronic Channel Selector Panel has 2 integrated cables, one for input and one for output. The LCD screen is backlit so any text is easily legible in darkened congress venues. The unit has a built in 'silent' function as in the LBB 3524/00 and soldering pads are available for connecting a 3rd party headphone socket. LBB 3526/10 (illustrated) is identical to LBB 3524/10 except that a 6.5mm headphone jack is provided.
Intercom handset and cradle  
The LBB 3555/00 Intercom Handset and Cradle is a lightweight and compact and enables private 2-way conversation between conference handsets. The unit can be mounted to a table top or wall using the using the 2 screw holes in the cradle or can be attached to the rear of an interpreter unit using the Mounting Plate LBB 3556/00.

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