Bosch DCN Concentus units

Concentus is the new distinctive face of digital congress. It creates a sense of harmony with even the most luxurious congress venues. In fact the name Concentus is Latin for 'harmony.'

This is reflected in the even clear sound from its flat panel loudspeaker and the balance it strikes between innovative design and superior performance.

>> superb performance
The flat panel loudspeaker pleases the ear and catches the eye. Its significantly increased acoustic performance improves intelligibility while reducing feedback, resulting in excellent sound quality even in noisy environments. This, for instance makes it much easier to identify the speaker purely by voice.
Concentus has a graphical LCD screen which improves legibility. All standard Windows characters can be shown so information is available in even complex European languages or icon-based scripts like Chinese.
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The Concentus tabletop contribution units are ideal when a flexible system configuration or portable conference facilities are required. All units can be easily plugged into or removed from the system cabling, which leads to quick and efficient setting up of the conference system. Four variations of Concentus are available and are listed below. A headphone can be connected to all units and Concentus has been designed so that it can also be flush mounted into furniture. For headset information - please click here >>
LBB 3544/00
Standard Delegate Unit

The standard unit enables delegates to speak, register a request to speak, register a response request, listen to the speaker and vote. The flat panel loudspeaker is automatically muted when the microphone is activated and 5 buttons are available for voting. The unit is similar in appearance to LBB 3545/00.

LBB 3545/00

LBB 3545/00 -
Delegate Unit with Channel Selector

This unit is stylistically and functionally similar to the standard unit, but includes a built-in channel selector. This makes it suitable for conferences where more than one language is used and simultaneous interpretations are available. Image to right.
LBB 3546/00
Delegate Unit with Channel Selector, Chip-Card Reader and LCD Display
The top-of-the-range delegate unit has all of the features of LBB 3545 but also includes a chip-card reader and LCD with backlighting. The LCD displays user related information in the language selected by the channel selector. When a chip-card is inserted information delegate identification is possible, with or without a pin number.

LBB 3546/00

LBB 3547/00
Chairman Unit with Channel Selector, Chip-Card Reader and LCD Display
Similar in appearance to LBB 3546/00, but includes a microphone priority button. When pressed, the priority button causes all currently active delegate microphones to be muted. or permanently switched off, allowing the chairman to take control of the meeting. The chairman unit is also used to start, stop or suspend voting, cancel requests to speak, turn off all active microphones and recall messages for display.
>> microphone stems
Concentus units are equipped with a socket for a microphone, which are ordered separately. The microphone simply plugs into the socket and has a flexible stem for added convenience. The microphone has a unidirectional response for optimum performance even in noisy conditions, and includes a a red indicator ring which illuminates when the microphone is on.

Two microphones are available.
LBB 3549/00 with a standard 310mm stem
LBB 3549/50 with an extended 480mm stem

DCN discussion tabletop units are available for non-voting meetings, for more information click here >>
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