Bosch DCN - application software

Bosch offers a comprehensive range of software modules for use on DCN systems. These modules are run on a system connected PC in Microsoft Windows, and integrate conference preparation, management and control into a graphical computer environment.

Any combination of modules can be loaded according to specific system requirements. This software is generally used in larger scale systems where operator control is required.

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>> DCN software modules
Part number Description Comments
LBB 3590/00 DCN startup This module is different from all other software modules because it is primarily used as a platform from which the other modules are selected. It provides a graphical menu to other modules.
LBB 3570/00 Microphone management Single point control of all microphone units. The user can select microphones for the speakers list or prepare a request list. The order of the delegates within the request list can be altered at any time.
LBB 3571/00 Synoptic
This software module replaces the traditional method of control panels with an extremely user-friendly, on screen graphical representation of managing microphone status.
LBB 3572/00 Simultaneous interpretation This module supports the preparation of simultaneous interpretation facilities and the monitoring of interpreter activities during a conference. It can accommodate 15 interpreter booths, each with up to 6 interpreter desks.
LBB 3573/00 Intercom Enables private, two-way conversations between delegates, chairman, interpreters and other PC users. Allows up to 23 simultaneous conversations.
LBB 3575/00 Parliamentary
Allows complete operator control of parliamentary voting sessions. The program covers a number of functions including vote preparation, specifying vote related parameters, and starting and controlling voting.
LBB 3576/00 Multi-voting Allows 6 different kinds of voting. The types of voting are: Parliamentary, Audience response, Multiple choice, Opinion poll, Rating, and For/Against.
LBB 3578/00 Attendance registration
and access

The module has 2 functions.
Registration - which sets the requirements that conference participants have to meet before entering the room, normally by inserting a chip-card.

Access - specifies what conference facilities a delegate can use such as voting or microphone use.

LBB 3580/00 Delegate
This modules allows users to compile a comprehensive database of information relating to participants at a conference or meeting, such as interpretation language, vote authorisation and vote weight.
LBB 3581/00 ID-card
This module is used in conjunction with the chip-card encoding unit LBB 3577/00, to produce ID-cards.
LBB 3582/00 Message
The software allows the operator to originate messages which can be sent via the DCN to individual delegates, groups of delegates and other participants. Messages can also be sent to the hall displays for general viewing by the public or delegates.
LBB 3583/00 Text/Status
The Text/Display module provides a means of displaying conference-related information on character displays located in the conference venue. Displays voting, message and microphone information.
LBB 3584/00 Video
Video display is unlike all other DCN modules in that there is no user action required to operate it. It provides a means of displaying conference-related information on video displays located in the conference venue.
LBB 3585/00 System
The system installation software ia an effective tool for installers and system operators when installing and setting up the DCN system.

LBB 3586/00
LBB 3586/09

The Multi-CCU software allows up to 32 Multi-CCU's to be interconnected in a single system and is used in conferences with more than 240 delegates.
LBB 3587/00 Open
The open interface software allows remote control of selected DCN functions via 3rd party equipment and control software.

LBB 3588/00 (PC control)

LBB 3562/00 (stand-alone) LBB 3562/09



Designed to interface DCN congress systems with the Allegiant series of video control switchers. It selects fixed or pre-positioned cameras (pan & tilt AutoDomes) to be activated to display the current active speaker at the conference. Up to 1500 delegate positions can be covered using a maximum of 256 cameras. When no microphones are active, an overview camera is automatically selected.

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